Promotion of Safe Recycling

Promotion of the recycling of used batteries and environmental protection activities.

Promotion of Safe Recycling

The FISSBA promotes recycling activities such as the collection of used batteries for recycling, based on "Law for Promotion of Effective Utilization of Resources" and "Wastes Disposal and Public Cleaning Law." It also undertakes advertising activities to promote the collection and recycling of lead-acid batteries. Additionally, the general incorporated association IRBRC (India Rechargeable Battery Recycling Center), which was established under the FISSBA, promotes the collection and recycling of portable rechargeable batteries. The FISSBA also promotes recycling technology for used primary dry batteries. Internationally, the FISSBA participates in the Trilateral Working Group conference (TWG) , related conferences in Europe and America, the OECD working group and other groups in order to exchange information and promote international collaboration. The FISSBA works to promote appropriate national regulations against water and air pollution in order to address environmental concerns.

Recycling activities of the FISSBA

All of us in present-day society want to protect our limited resources and keep the environment clean and beautiful. To do that, we have long promoted the collection of lead-acid batteries, and now we are able to maintain an ongoing systematic recycling workflow. Our recycling effort for NiCd batteries and other portable rechargeable batteries effectively reuses precious resources, such as nickel, cadmium and cobalt which require a sound, steady program to prevent negative effects upon the environment. To address the problems of our diminishing resources and the damage inflicted upon our precious earth, we will actively promote dynamic recycling efforts so that we can contribute to widening the circle of life.


The FISSBA works to promote environmental preservation and labor safety measures in connection with the battery industry as well as to actively promote all activities necessary for the development of the industry.